Greece - Heraklion

Heraklion was originally founded by the Saracens in 824, but, nearby Knossos was the centre of the Minoan empire at 5000 years ago. Its Europe’s oldest civilisation.

It is Greece’s largest and most populated island, Crete(Heraklion) sits in the Mediterranean, in the Aegean Sea, south of Athens and West of Turkey. Heraklion is on the central north coast of Crete. 

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Concert Halls


When I joined SAA the National Carrier, as a flight attendant, the one thing I was most excited about was the prospect of visiting some concert halls to attend several live musical performances. Although I loved mostly contemporary music, there were some venues that I just had to visit. My top concert halls in the world are the following:

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Aviation Industry Careers

Various Careers within the Aviation Industry  

The aviation industry is growing daily. Internationally, new airlines are starting up with airports being built and upgraded, thus there is an ever-growing demand for professionals who meet the aviation industry requirements. Since this industry thrives on customer service and technical ability, training with an accredited facility is of utmost importance when choosing a career within this industry. There are a number of courses available to prepare you for careers within the aviation industry; however some areas require in-house training.


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Aviator Sunglasses


Flight deck and cabin crew members are subjected to all types of climatic conditions. It is vitally important that they wear a good pair of sunglasses and avoid wearing imitation type glasses.


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Republic of Mauritius



On my first flight to Taiwan, we had a 4 day layover in Mauritius on route. Being an avid “sun lover” I was truly excited at the prospect of just soaking up the sun, however I also wanted to see and do as much as I could during my time there.

The Republic of Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean approximately 2000 kilometres of the south eastern cost of Africa.





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Accommodation options in South Africa

Various accommodation options in South Africa

Accommodation in South Africa is comparable to the best accommodation available anywhere in the world and often, we find ourselves amongst the top contenders for winning awards at an international level.

South African hospitality institutions cover a wide variety of possibilities; ranging from informal backpackers to the most luxurious 6* hotels. In between this wide gap you can easily find any type of accommodation ranging from ultra-luxurious 5* hotels found in each of the major cities and regions to rustic bed and breakfast institutions around every corner and even nestled in the most picturesque corners of South Africa.                                                                                       


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Corporate Flight Attendants


The most import duty of a flight attendant working for a commercial airline operator is that of safety officer. When an aircraft carries less than 20 passengers no crew are required on board for safety related duties. Corporate aircraft do not normally have seating for 20 passengers however training in Safety and Emergency Procedures, Aviation Medicine, Catering and Customer Service is usually a requirement. Finding a job as a corporate flight attendant can be a gruelling process but there are many jobs available should this be the route you would like to follow.


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