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Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

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5 days

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Corporate Development & Soft Skills


13 February 2023

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Our cultural awareness training course is focused on understanding, respect and acceptance of local and international cultures. Cultural Competence refers to the ability to effectively interact with persons from different backgrounds and cultures. Lack of awareness about cultures different to our own can lead to misunderstandings and have a devastating effect on organisations as well as social environments.  

Understanding and respecting cultural differences leads to effective communication, strengthens relationships and builds trust. We are not always aware of cultural diversity as we were born and raised according to a specific set of values and we learned to do things in a certain manner.  Awareness and acceptance of other cultures is of utmost importance when interacting with people from other cultures. We stress the importance of stepping outside of our own cultural boundaries and concentrate on a variety of local and international ethnicities.

South Africa is a multi-cultural nation and has many diverse languages and cultures. As we are reliant on Tourism in South Africa, we recommend that all learners and employees, who deal with persons from different cultures, attend this training course. Our learners are empowered with skills to exhibit a corporate culture and display etiquette in the workplace, resulting in organisations having a global competitive advantage.


Course Content

Cultural Awareness in the Workplace

  • Democratisation of South Africa

  • Human rights in South Africa

  • Introduction to the South African Legal System and Bill of Rights 

  • Analyse aspects of cultural diversity in the South African workplace

  • Understanding prejudice and enhancing working relationships

  • Respect and trust for persons from different cultures

  • Interacting appropriately with diverse cultural groups of clients and colleagues

  • The relevant aspects of the cultural group are described to accommodate human diversity

  • Problems arising from cultural differences are resolved and appropriate actions are taken

  • Clients' dissatisfaction is recognised and action is taken to resolve the situation and enhance the quality of customer service

  • Knowledge of all cultures and religions in South Africa and abroad

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication (body language)

  • Problem solving

  • Communication strategies

  • Knowledge of group dynamics

  • Getting the most out of different Cultures

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Make suggestions to assist colleagues in dealing with cultural differences, in order to improve customer services and working relations

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