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2-months & 2-week classroom based assessments

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Blended Learning


16 January 2023

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  • Manuals
  • Stationery
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Professionally taken photographs
  • Graduation
  • Examination sittings
  • Issuing of Licence / Certificates


Online Learning will enhance your knowledge and education allowing you the opportunity to enter or advance your career into the aviation and travel industries without the need of you quitting your job.  It is a wonderful opportunity for people who normally could not attend traditional classroom training for reasons such as lack of transportation, accommodation, training fees or the harsh realities of work.  This method of learning enables a learner to fit their studies around their lifestyles.

Our online programmes are accredited by the relevant authorities.


The blended Cabin Crew Member Licensing Programme comprises of the following two essential components:

  • Online Learning Component for Cabin Crew Member Licensing – This is the e-learning section of the Programme and focuses on the theoretical aspects of the syllabus relating to cabin crew member licensing. Approximately 260 hours (within a two month period) is available to the learner to complete this section of the programme. Interaction with instructors and fellow students takes place via Classroom Discussion Forums
  • Mandatory Residency Component for Cabin Crew Member Licensing – This is the component when all examinations and practical assessments for the licensing of cabin crew members is undertaken. Learners are required to attend this component at the premises of EPT Aviation Training for a two week period.  Learners are required to successfully complete all aspects of the Online Learning Component prior to attending the mandatory two week residency period.

Course Duration: 2 months online and 2-weeks practical classroom based training

  • Online Learning Component for this couse is 1 month
  • Mandatory Resident Component is 1 week.   Learners are required to attend this component at the premises of EPT Aviation Training. Learners are required to successfully complete all aspects of the Online Learning Component prior to attending the mandatory two week residency period.

On completion of the Customer Service agent / Passenger Ground Handling course,learners will be eligible to apply for ground positions within the aviation industry. These areas include: Meet and greets, Check-in, Boarding, Arrivals and  / Reservations. Chance of employment is increased as handling agents often prefer employing staff members who have airline knowledge.

Although the training is no guarantee of employment we do have an understanding with some companies to contact us when they require trained staff.

Course Duration: 4 weeks Online and 1 week residency.


Course Duration: 10 months online and approximately 20 days classroom based learning.  All Final Formative Assessments must be undertaken at our premises. These 20 classroom based days will be spread throughout the 10 month period.

  • Online Learning Component for these couses is 12 months
  • Mandatory Residency Components: All practical and theoretical assessments will take place ate EPT's premises. 



Course Content

Online learning opportunities


To study online you must be able to access and use the e-learning portal of EPT aviation training. It will be the learners responsibility to ensure that they have a good internet connection and a suitable computer with the relevant supporting software. To be able to use the e-learning portal effectively, you will need the following: 

  •          An Internet connection at home 

  •          A personal email address

  •          A suitable computer

  •          Supporting software

For further information please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on  072 149 5997.

Course Entry Requirements

What Do I Need To Be Able To Participate In This Course?

These requirements are dependant on the course you wish to undertake. Pleae see entry requirements under the variety of courses we have on offer.

Which School Is Best For Me?

As many individuals aspire to be cabin crew members it is advisable to attend an ATO who assists individuals with interviewing skills and compilation of CV’s, photographs for their CV’s and cover letters.  This will assist the applicant in being better prepared for the interviewing process as many of these learners will be attending their first ever interview.

Do not pay for information sessions on cabin crew member training as the syllabus is available of the South African Civil Aviation Authority’s website or you can attend free information sessions with some ATO’s. It is also a good idea to get this information through blogs, Facebook pages or making contact with learners who have attended the training.

There are many Aviation Training Organisations (ATO’s) in South Africa and you are advised to carefully select the one you choose.  Check the credentials of the company you chose to do your training with.

Aviation Training Organisations and schools can NOT guarantee employment.  Airline operators advertise, interview and employ their own cabin crew, so be cautious of a crew training school that “guarantees employment”.

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