EPT / GTC History 2009 - 2010


EPT Aviation Training was formed in the year 2009. Our vision was based on ensuring our leaeners would be adequately equipped to successfully enter careers within the aviation and travel industries on completion of their training. Thus we added modules such as Interviewing Skills, CV compilation with professional CV photo's for their CV's .  Additional courses such as Personal Development and Career Management were developed to enhance preparation for the workplace. We were blessed from the very first course we presented and have gone from strength to strength.

We have a 99.8% success rate for learners writing the SACAA examination.  

We were appointed as the designated training provider by some airline operators to assist them with their training requirements.

EPT / GTC History 2011 - 2012


Due to popular demand, we started offering evening classes for learners who desperately wanted to attend our training but could not do so as they were employed.  Our classes commenced at 16h00 and finished at 21h00 with practicle training being conducted over weekends.  This allowed learners to seek employment within the Aviation Industry while keeping their current employment.

EPT Aviation Training decided to offer training for prospective learners as customer service agents. This was a career ideally suited for those who wanted to enter into the aviation industry but wanted the stability of being based on the ground. Our learners who have attended this training have been very successfull in being employed at the airport for various Airlines.

EPT / GTC history 2013 - 2016


In 2013, EPT Aviation Training was awarded a contract by the National Carrier, South African Airways, to conduct all Designated Examiner assessments for their Pilots and Cabin Crew Members. This contract was renewed in 2014.

We opened a sister company called EPT Global Training (Now Global Training College) due to a huge demand from our learners to offer a travel and tourism qualification. We received accreditation from CATHSSETA to offer a 1 year National Certificate in General Travel.

EPT AVIATION TRAINING set the standard by being the first company in South Africa (inclusive of Airline Operators), to have a blended learning programme approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. This training course allows for our learners who are employed to compete the cabin crew licensing programme by partaking in a 2 month eLearning programme, followed by a 2 week residency period for practical and theoretical assessments.


EPT / GTC History 2017 - Current

EPT Aviation Training and Global Training College were the training schools of choice when they were purchased by Comair Limited in 2017. 

We also expanded our course offerings by gaining accreditations for numerous CATHSSETA Accredited Qualification and Learning Programmes. These include Tourist Guiding and Business Administration qualifications. 

We are also in a position to offer all our courses either on a Face-to-Face basis or via blended learning programmes.

Although the COVID pandemic had a serious negative impact on the travel industry, numerous EPT & Global Training Learners have been employed both as flight attendants and passenger ground handlers.

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